Ideal Club Atmosphere       

Janet & Lysle Shields' NASRDS Page  

How does a club obtain an ideal atmosphere?

Here are a few ideas that may help:  

1.Have dance facility open and set up 30 minutes prior to dance. Start the dance on time.

2.Club Banner and attractive bulletin board (or display table) should be set up prior to dance.
3.Club officers should greet members and visitors at the door as they arrive.
4.Club Officers and members should set an example of the "ideal" square dancer as to dress, promptness,
   badge, enthusiasm and knowledge of the square dance community activities.
5.Recognize the special efforts of individual club members.
6.Recognize visiting dancers, VIPS, area and state officers.
7.Club members should dance with caller's taw, singles, new members and with as many guests as possible.
8.Club members make special effort to dance, converse and mingle with new members and visitors.
9.Club activities and functions involve all club members an not just a selected group.
10.Club activities are made to be fun and not work.
11.Publicize club, area and state functions and dance activities.
12.Assure club support of all club, area and state association functions.
13.Club is responsive to needs of dancers, caller and officers.
14.Avoid secrecy in any club function or activity. Avoid cliques.
15.Conduct leadership sessions for club members periodically.
16.Sponsor a special club party or activity periodically.
17.Sponsor visitations, charity work, promotions, exhibitions, etc.
18.Coordinate club activities and gimmicks with club caller.
19.Make every dance a "SPECIAL" dance and a "HAPPY MEMORY" for club dancers and visitors.

It is rather easy to develop an "Ideal Club Atmosphere" with just a little thought and a little action.

GOD gave us two ends. One to think with and one to sit on.

It is a case of "heads" you win, "tails" you loose!

Make your Club an "Ideal" Club.

Non-Ideal Club Atmosphere

1. Don't attend meetings.
2. If you do attend, come late.
3. When you attend, sit in the back and talk to the members next to you about the weather or fishing.
4. Never accept an office. It's much easier to criticize than to do something.
5. If the president asks for your opinion on a subject, just tell him/her you have nothing to say - and then
    after the meetings, while leaving, tell everyone how things should have been done.
6. Hold back your dues as long as you possibly can, so as to give the treasurer and/or secretary
    a bit of unnecessary work.
7. Start a whispering campaign about anything.
8. Never listen to announcements. This bucks up the speaker and enables them to make constant improvements.
9. Don't bother about getting new class/club members - let someone else do it. After all, there
    are plenty of others who have time for that sort of thing.
10. In short, do nothing more than is absolutely necessary - but when other members roll up their sleeves
      and do what needs doing, howl like mad about how the club is being run by the clique.